Curved architectural glazing

Finiglas, gebogenes Glas, bended Glas, Glasbiegerei, gebogenes Isolierglas, gebogenes ESG
Curved glass has already become popular as a standard product in numerous application areas. Curved glass is a highly valued product for balustrades, protective guards, elevators and automatic doors. It has increasingly gained in significance for facades, entry and roof areas as a striking eye catcher or identification symbol.

With the ever growing trend towards free design of buildings and organic forms, curved glass offers individually matched and numerous, synergetic application options. FINIGLAS has specialised in the most complex of curved shapes with their curved architectural glass. With their innovative technology, conical, convex or parabolic curved shapes can be realised in addition to cylindrically or spherically curved glass and these can be processed with safety glass in further treatment processes to become insulated glazing