Design in perfect form

Finiglas, gebogenes Glas, bended Glas, Glasbiegerei, gebogenes Isolierglas, gebogenes ESG
Warmth and comfort are essential for the cold and dark seasons that always come around again.

A stove is the heart and the starting point around which the interior is designed. A design object never loses its exclusive effect, even if a fire is not burning. A dialogue between personal style and the matching, unusual design.
Technical notes
With our long-term experience, we are capable of producing even the most difficult geometries up to a maximum dimension of 3200 x 6000 mm with our shaping technology. Whether the curves are cylindrical, conical or spherical, the limits are set in many cases only by the laws of physics. The glass can be further treated in the following production steps to become curved composite safety glass or insulated glass.