Customised thermal insulation

Residential home, Netherlands
Finiglas, gebogenes Glas, bended Glas, Glasbiegerei, gebogenes Isolierglas, gebogenes ESG
The constant demand for more energy efficiency is met by us through our ongoing further developments in the segment of curved insulated glazing: State of the art thermal and solar insulation coatings are a permanent part of our product range. Curved insulated glass for facades can be produced in all variation options up to a maximum dimension of 3200 x 6000 mm.

Wherever summer thermal protection does not play a role in facades with a relatively low glass percentage of under 50 percent, the thermal coatings FINI CURVE STAR 75/67, FINI CURVE STAR 79/58, FINI CURVE STAR 80/58; FINI CURVE STAR 80/60 and FINI CURVE STAR 74/65 ensure the creation of an excellent and comfortable room climate.The requirements of the Energy Savings Act (EnEV) are met with these product groups – because they allow a lot of energy into the building but not back out again.
Function principle of the thermal insulation coating
The radiation exchange between the panes, which is responsible for approx. two thirds of heat loss through conventional insulation glazing, is almost completely suppressed by the thermal insulation coating. Various coatings are used to reduce the C value of insulated double glazing from 3.0 W/m²K to 1.1 W/m²K.
"Hardcoating" describes a semi-conducting metal oxide coating that is applied by melting. The other version is "Softcoating", where a very thin silver-based metal coating is applied with a special vacuum method and protected with a top coat.