Elegant solutions with solar protection glazing

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Finiglas, gebogenes Glas, bended Glas, Glasbiegerei, gebogenes Isolierglas, gebogenes ESG
Developments in various coating technologies have also contributed to create glass properties that significantly enhance application options for improvement of solar and thermal protection glazing.

Solar protection is a significant factor with regards to energy savings. Solar protection glazing can minimise heating due to solar energy and reduce the dazzle effect in warmer regions or in buildings with high internal loads. Our coated solar protection glazing FINI CURVE SUN 50/31; FINI CURVE SUN 52/41; FINI CURVE SUN 60/40; FINI CURVE SUN 61/32; FINI CURVE SUN 62/34; FINI CURVE SUN 62/54; FINI CURVE SUN 70/37; FINI CURVE SUN 70/41 and FINI CURVE SUN 75/45 cover the entire spectrum.
Function principle of the solar insulation coating
Solar protection glazing should reduce or at least delay the heating up of rooms behind glazed areas, above all in the summer. It has a relatively high permeability for the visual range of light with a simultaneously lower transmission of the solar radiation responsible for heat.

The solar protection function is generally realised through coatings that are vaporised onto the inside of the outer pane. There are two types of functions: Reflection glazing reflects the incoming short-wave sunlight to a great extent, but is mostly permeable to visible light and therefore relatively colour neutral.

Absorption glazing is produced by colouring the glass material or the surface with an absorbent colour. This colour means that some of the incoming radiation energy is absorbed and converted into thermal energy that is then emitted outside and, to a small extent, inside as well.