Safe with glass

Finiglas, gebogenes Glas, bended Glas, Glasbiegerei, gebogenes Isolierglas, gebogenes ESG
Thanks to our long-term experience and the skills gained during that time, we are capable of producing even the most difficult and unusual geometries with our highly-developed technology. Whether the curves are cylindrical, conical or even spherical, the limits are set here only by the laws of physics.
Technical notes
All curved glass can be processed into curved composite safety glass with our autoclave technology. Based on the principle behind vehicle windscreens, increasing safety requirements are met here by lamination with an interlay sheet. Curved composite safety glass can be produced by us with a maximum dimension of 3200 x 6000 mm for facade, elevator or roof glazing.  
Fini Curve SentryGlas®
The individual glass panes in the composite safety glass Fini Curve SentryGlas® are bonded together with SentryGlas® intermediate film layers. A wide-ranging field of applications is made possible by the resulting high stiffness.

Larger dimensions and less weight are just two of the advantages that this product offers in comparison to composite safety glass using PVB film as an intermediate layer. Fini Curve SentryGlas® opens up new architectural possibilities for architects and construction engineers.