Soho Place theatre gets the Fini look

On the corner of Oxford Street and Charing Cross Road directly above Tottenham Court Road Station sits one of Europe's grandest and busiest construction sites. The eastern end of London's most iconic district is getting a complete overhaul and will feature as a sustainable, energy friendly vision of future urban development due to finish in 2022. Tucked away behind the bustling glitter and glitz of Oxford Street 1, the central complex of the renovation process, a second building will house exclusively theatre and cinema. Finiglas provided a special treat for this project, as the facade and some of the interior design is finished with a unique translucent glass-stone-laminate that offers a stunning new look to London's eyecatching redevelopment. Along with the new product went a long and thorough consulting process and with Finiglas' project management once again in top form, the special glazing was delivered to the building site just in time. No images are available at this point, but more information about the huge project can be found on developer Derwent London's website at: